Side Effects of Radiotherapy

Radiotherapy treatment is a painless procedure that has little side effects. The treatment does not make you feel dizzy or drowsy, although it can occasionally make patients feel a little tired.

Risk of Side Effects

Radiotherapy treatment can affect the targeted area, and may cause mild redness, soreness and dryness of the skin. Rarely, the skin may crack, weep or swell up. In the majority of cases, these side-effects get better after several weeks, but in about 10% – 15% of people, mild dryness, cracked skin, thinning or hard skin may persist long-term. E45 cream can reinvigorate the skin and improve dryness in the treated area. Patients can talk to a radiographer at any point during their treatment.

The risk of developing cancer as a result of this treatment is very low and there have been no actual documented cases. Dr Shaffer will talk to patients about their personal risk during their initial consultation.