Privacy Policy

GenesisCare UK Privacy Notice: How information about you may be used

This Privacy Notice explains how we use and protect the personal information we collect about you.

GenesisCare UK is committed to safeguarding and preserving the privacy of our patients. This Privacy Notice explains what happens to any personal information you provide to us, or that we collect from you, whilst you are a patient at any of theGenesisCare UK centres.

We use the information we collect from you to provide your treatment. Medical information will be kept confidential although we will share it where necessary for medical purposes, (for example with your doctors and other clinicians, your G.P. andGenesisCare UK staff). In addition to this we may use the information for one or more of the following purposes:

GenesisCare UK supports and participates in audit and research projects and supports research to measure the long-term effectiveness of treatment. We may use the information we hold about you for the purposes of such research and conduct internal audit programmes to ensure the continued optimum treatment of patients is achieved.

We may also share anonymous and aggregated patient information with organisations such as the National Institute for Clinical Excellence and the Cancer Registry for research or statistical purposes. You will not be identifiable in any such research unless anonymous or aggregated patient data would not otherwise be sufficient. Such researchers will be under a duty of medical confidentiality in addition to that imposed by the Data Protection Act 1998.

Information about you and your cancer will be provided to the National Cancer Registration Service. The Service has the government’s permission to collect this information. The Service has strict confidentiality guidelines. The registration information promotes research, monitoring and improvement of cancer care. Further information can be accessed at You may request that your information is not used for reasons other than your direct care. You can also object to your details being included in the Service. Objecting won’t affect your treatment or your care. If you wish to have your information removed you should email or write to:

National Cancer Registration Service,
Public Health England,
Wellington House,
SE1 8UG.

We will only allow selected third parties to use your information with your consent and for the purposes stated above. Where such consent has been provided it can be withdrawn by you at any time.

In addition, we may share your personal information with any person or organisation (or their agent) who may be responsible for meeting your treatment expenses, e.g. your insurer or any person or organisation (or their agent) who provides you with any diagnostic tests or procedures (including any specialist providing review or reporting services for such tests or procedures) in circumstances where additional charges are incurred. In the event that an invoice is not fully settled for any reason, we may also share with debt collection agencies information as necessary to collect any unpaid amount.

We will not disclose your personal information to any other party other than in accordance with this Privacy Notice or where we are legally required by law to do so.

Security of Your Personal Information

Ensuring the security of your personal information is paramount toGenesisCare UK. We ensure appropriate technical and organisational measures are taken at all times to ensure against unauthorised or unlawful processing of your personal information and also to guard against accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to, your personal information.

GenesisCare UK uses MOSAIQ®, an electronic Oncology Management System, to maintain a complete Electronic Medical Record for each patient. Where a patient is referred, all documentation (including treatment requests, consultants and surgeons’ correspondence and diagnostic reports) are stored electronically in the MOSAIQ® patient record.GenesisCare UK MOSAIQ® servers are fully maintained at a secure central location ensuring safety and security of patient data.

Access to Your Information and The Right To Correct It

You have the right to request a copy of the information that we hold about you. If you would like a copy of some or all of your personal information, please contact your Centre Manager who will advise you upon this.

We want to make sure your personal information is correct and up to date. You may ask us to correct or remove personal information you think is inaccurate.

Changes to Our Privacy Notice

We keep our Privacy Notice under regular review and will place any updates on our website and as signage in each GenesisCare UK centre.

Your Right To Complain

Should you wish to complain about the use of your personal information please contact either your Centre Manager or the GenesisCare UK Data Protection Officer who can be contacted at GenesisCare UK Head Office, Wilson House, Waterberry Drive, Waterlooville, PO7 7XX.

Should you be unhappy with the outcome of your complaint or the way in which it is dealt with, you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner at the Information Commissioners Office.

This Privacy Notice was last reviewed in September 2015.