Payment Options

Paying for your Radiotherapy Treatment

Payment for Treatment with the Dupuytren’s Practice can be funded through private medical insurance or paid for directly as a self-pay patient.

If you are currently seeking treatment with The Dupuytren’s Practice, please tell your GP or consultant that you would like to be referred to Dr Richard Shaffer. Alternatively, you can self-refer by filling out this enquiry form and making an appointment with Dr Shaffer’s secretary.

Private Medical Insurance

The Dupuytren’s Practice is recognised by the majority of private medical insurance providers. Whether it’s a personal policy or a company one, let your GP or consultant know that you would like your condition treated using radiotherapy with Dr Richard Shaffer. Treatment will be authorised on your behalf by the administrative staff before radiotherapy starts.


The Dupuytren’s Practice will provide a detailed quote for any patients looking to pay for the treatment themselves. The treatment can be paid for using cash, cheque, debit card or credit card. Please contact us using the enquiry form and an estimate of costs will be provided.