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We spoke to Valerie, a patient who was suffering with Ledderhose disease, 3 months after her radiotherapy treatment to see how she was getting on, here’s what she told us

How were your feet before treatment?
Before treatment I was struggling to walk any distance and could hardly cycle (in my early 20’s I did the London to Brighton bike ride).
I live in a beautiful county with lots of lovely walks, which I could not do.
Both my feet kept me awake at night, itching, throbbing and burning and I was off balance when first standing in the mornings.
I cried when my foot specialist at my local clinic said there was nothing else he could do for me.

Are you able to do more or less with your feet since the radiotherapy?
I can go for walks without worrying that my feet will hurt and that I will suffer for days after.

Has the disease got better or worse since the end of radiotherapy?
As far as I can tell there has been no progression in my feet and the nodules appear to have shrunk and I am really pleased to be pain free.

Have the nodules (lumps) got better or worse?
Definitely appear smaller and flatter in my feet.

Is there more or less pain from the nodules?
Less, oh so much less, I don’t even think about pain when I’m walking where as it was constant before. Love my feet again and danced at a wedding last week for the first time in years. Not in heels though.

Overall, were you happy with the treatment?
Yes very

What were you particularly happy with?
So quick and easy and the end result to be pain free

Was there anything that could have been improved?
Nothing, a very easy process