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We asked Alison, a patient who was suffering with Dupuytren’s disease, how she was getting on 3 months after her radiotherapy treatment, here’s what she told us:


How were your hands before treatment?
I noticed some lumps on the palm of my hand and was initially worried they might be something sinister, but was relieved to hear from Dr Shaffer that it was Dupuytren’s disease and that it could be treated with radiotherapy. As I am a professional Oboe player, I had been very concerned that if left untreated these lumps would cause contraction and stop me being able to perform.

How are your hands now?
Fine! Just a little stiffness, no adverse effects on my oboe playing.

Has the disease got better or worse since the end of radiotherapy?
Better, the lumps have almost totally gone.

Is there more or less pain from the nodules?

Overall, were you happy with the treatment?
Yes, particularly that the disease was caught early and the treatment worked.