The Dupuytren’s Study

Dupuytren's disease radiotherapy

International Dupuytren’s Databank (also known as The Dupuytren’s Study).

The Dupuytren’s Study is an initiative started by an American hand surgeon, Charles Eaton, who has vast experience in the surgical treatment of Dupuytren’s disease, particularly with needle aponeurotomy. He recently retired, and runs the Dupuytren’s Foundation, which ultimately aims to find a cure for Dupuytren’s Disease.

Dupuytren’s disease is a variable condition. Some people have a nodule that never gets worse, and some people have disease that can progress rapidly to form a contracture, which can result in a major impact on their quality of life. The problem is that it is difficult to know which of these groups people will fall in at the beginning of the disease. Also, whilst there are treatments available for the early and late stages of the disease, it is clear that these treatments do not work for everyone, and there is therefore a need for new treatments.

The Dupuytren’s study has been set up follow more than 10,000 patients with Dupuytren’s disease and to work out more exactly whether there are different groups of patients defined by the way the disease progresses, and ultimately whether this correlates with the presence or absence of biomarkers (which you would check on blood tests). The hope is that a blood test could tell you how quickly your disease would get worse, if at all.

In addition, if the disease can be characterised using a large bank of blood samples, then potential therapeutic targets could be found. What this would mean is that such a study could help find new medicines to treat the disease.

Enter The Dupuytren’s Study

So please consider entering this study. You can enter via the direct link to the study here.

Alternatively, you may wish to access it via the two excellent patient groups that support this study:

  1. The Dupuytren’s Disease Support Group – a US-based group offering patient support and information, and particularly strong on advocacy.
  2. The British Dupuytren’s Society – The UK-based group, offering support and information to raise awareness, improve knowledge, and encourage research.