The Dupuytren’s Practice is now available in Nottingham

Dupuytren's Practice Nottingham

In order to make things as convenient as possible for anybody wanting radiotherapy treatment for their Dupuytren’s disease, Ledderhose disease and plantar fasciitis, from Saturday May 21st, The Dupuytren’s Practice will now be holding a regular clinic at the Genesis Care’s Nottingham based radiotherapy centre.

To date, Dr Shaffer has held initial consultations at his private clinic in Guilford, with the option of the actual treatment taking place at a choice of radiotherapy centres located around the UK.

However, many people requiring treatment are from the North of England, and some from even further afield, which can mean travelling to Guildford for an initial consultation is quite difficult for some.

Visit our diagnosis and treatment pages for more information about our available services.

Nottingham Address

Genesis Care Nottingham
Sherwood Lodge Drive
Burntstump Country Park

Patients attending the centre can also benefit from a clean modern and welcoming environment, prompt appointments – wherever possible at a time to suit, free Wi-Fi access and dedicated, free parking spaces.


Dr Shaffer’s secretary on 0808 1565 900 today to book an appointment for the first of these regular clinics.