What is Ledderhose Disease?

Ledderhose disease (also called Plantar Fibromatosis) is a benign thickening of the connective tissue (fascia) in the sole of the foot.

Take a look at Ledderhose disease:

Ledderhose Disease Radiotherapy Treatment


Symptoms of Ledderhose Disease

It typically starts as a small nodule (lump), often in the arch of the foot that can grow and become painful over time. The disease may remain stable for some time, but can grow larger and can cause tenderness and pain, especially when standing or walking. Some patients exhibit symptoms in both feet.

People experiencing one or more of the following symptoms, should book an appointment to see Dr Shaffer.

    1. Lumps on the underside or arch of the foot.
    2. Lumps are growing and causing problems when trying to put on shoes.
    3. Pain or discomfort in lumps when walking or running.

Patients with symptoms on one foot, and no evidence of Dupuytren’s disease in the hand, will need to have a scan (ultrasound or MRI) to confirm the diagnosis and rule out any other conditions.

Possible Causes of Ledderhose Disease

There is no single cause for Ledderhose disease. Some of the factors that make it more likely to develop are:

      • Smoking.
      • Diabetes.
      • Excess alcohol.
      • Liver disease.
      • Medication for epilepsy.
      • Manual labour (especially including vibration).
      • Injury to the foot.

Ledderhose Disease Treatment

Treatment with radiotherapy works extremely well for Ledderhose disease, with 80% of people finding that there was significant improvement in their ability to walk and a significant reduction in the amount of pain they experience.*

In the first instance, it is worth trying general measures to reduce pain. Avoid direct pressure on the nodules by using soft inner soles, padding or even custom orthotics.

*Please note that results may vary for different people.

Other Conditions We Treat

Benign conditions that can be treated with radiotherapy include:

  • Dupuytren’s Disease – This is very similar to Ledderhose disease, but affects the hands. Generally people get lumps in the palms of their hand. Strong cords then form along the connective tissue of the hand and fingers causing the fingers to bend towards the palm and unable to straighten.
  • Plantar Fasciitis – This is a medical term for the thickening of the tough flexible band that runs under the sole of the foot. It often results in heel pain and grows gradually worse over time.