Company Overview

The Dupuytren’s Practice is an independent company that offers radiotherapy treatment for Dupuytren’s disease and other associated benign conditions such as Ledderhose disease and Plantar fasciitis.

The Dupuytren’s Practice is a trading name of GenesisCare, a specialist radiotherapy provider, and was formed as a partnership between Dr Richard Shaffer and GenesisCare. We combine the extensive radiotherapy experience of Dr Shaffer and the state-of-the-art technology of GenesisCare to provide patients with the best possible advice and effective radiotherapy treatment for benign conditions.

We are the only independent company that offers radiotherapy outside London. Available in eight specialist centres (with more in the pipeline), our treatment technologies are among the best available in the UK. We are committed to making this effective treatment available to anyone affected by these conditions in the UK.

Together, we share a commitment to deliver a premium service of the highest professional standard.