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Our specialist team

The Dupuytren’s Practice are proud to work with a team of world-class doctors and radiographers, who are leading experts in low-dose radiotherapy for the treatment of benign conditions.

Dr Richard Shaffer

Dr Shaffer is a Consultant Clinical Oncologist and a prominent UK expert in the use of radiotherapy for treating benign disease (including Dupuytren’s disease, Ledderhose, plantar fasciitis and keloid scarring) and skin and urological cancers.

Dr Shaffer holds clinics at The Dupuytren’s Practice in Guildford, London and Nottingham, but will treat in any one of our 14 locations.

Dr Shaffer Headshot

Here for you

These are some of the different experts and support staff who make up our teams.

Your care will be led by a consultant oncologist who will work alongside our experienced team. Together they will manage your personalised treatment and care plan.

Therapy radiographer

Involved in radiotherapy planning scans, treatment planning and delivering radiotherapy. You’ll see them at every radiotherapy session.


Helps your oncologist plan your radiotherapy treatment while limiting damage to healthy tissues.


Measures the dose of radiation you receive during radiotherapy to ensure it is safe and as prescribed by your oncologist.

Patient administration officer

Responsible for all administration relating to your care and treatment, including dealing with funding and insurance.


Here to greet you, deal with any enquiries or changes to appointments.